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Solar Powered Flow Meter Pulse Counter



The solar powered pulse counter is an ideal way to log your water consumption. The device constantly counts pulses from the water meter and is compatible with the vast majority of flow meters equipped with electrical wires that enable pulse counter integration. The device transmits over the AGWAN LoRaWAN network, so a gateway/base station within approximately 5km range (depending on terrain) will be required to gather the resulting data and upload it to the cloud server. With 15 minute readings and hourly uploads, the user can view hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual consumption volumes on the AGWAN App, and export these totals to third parties where required for record keeping purpose.

The device comes equipped with a sturdy aluminium mounting bracket, pre-drilled to enable multiple mounting options, including post mounting, pipe strapping or direct mounting to the flow meter's lifting ring. Mount the device, install the two wires and then scan the QR code to configure. There’s never been an easier way to log your water usage.

A hard wired version is also available for used on electricity meters.

Requires a $40 annual AGAWAN App subscription.

Pricing EX GST.



Solar Powered Flow Meter Pulse Counter

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