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Pump Monitoring and Control
  • Pumps on your irrigation or stock water system can be easily integrated into AGWAN with our remote monitoring and control devices. This includes most VSD pumps and older star/delta switching devices. Devices can be monitored either based on the VSD status signal, or pressure and current monitoring in the case of star/delta pumps. Virtual timers can be used if desired, removing the need to have mechanical or digital timers connected to the pump.

    Basic start/stop/timer/status monitoring kits for VSD pumps start from $600 per pump. Pressure and current monitoring can be provided for an additional cost on most installations. A $60/year subscription fee applies to all pump installations for app access.

    Pricing EX GST.

    Pump Monitoring and Control

    SKU: 00000000004
    • Pump monitor/controller. Pre configured to the AGWAN network.

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