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Water, Energy, Emission and Time Savings

Simple solutions to seemingly complex problems.


We are a team focused on improving uptime, safety and efficiency of agricultural assets with minimal outlay and complexity.


Developed from a business focused on energy use optimization, carbon emissions reductions and renewable energy solutions, AGWAN is a company bringing remote monitoring and control solutions to the agricultural sector.

As part of EnergyLab's IOT accelerator program launched in 2019, Energy ROI, a Tasmanian energy management company, has developed the AGWAN farm network optimized for long-range, low-cost monitoring and control of farm assets.

AGWAN (Agricultural Wide Area Network) frees farmers from the dependence upon traditional telecommunications providers.

Utilizing recent advancements in long-range, low cost and low energy consumption digital technology, AGWAN has been able to develop a network solution where farmers own and control the physical assets of their on-farm network. 

Based on LoRaWAN technology, the AGWAN solution allows farmers to purchase pre-configured plug and play devices that talk wirelessly to their central base station. This allows farmers to remotely monitor and control irrigators, water troughs, and other farm assets without the cost burdens associated with using existing mobile technology infrastructure.



Tom Mills - Engineering/Design


Duncan Livingston - Sales/Marketing

Another Arrow for the Quiver

Designed to be simple, robust and easy to use, we design our solutions to be just another intuitive tool available to farmers for improving productivity, rather than being an added layer of complexity.

Our technology is also designed to extend asset life, with the ability to retrofit monitoring solutions to most irrigator types already in service.

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