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Base Station/Gateway
  • A pivotal part of the AGWAN concept, this base station (or Gateway in IT language) allows communication with all the radio modules distributed around your farm. This base station will receive the required transmissions from your water trough, irrigator or other monitored devices and push the data via the internet to a cloud server. From here you can access the status of your devices on the AGWAN app, or receive text message alerts should your assets have faulted or be in distress. All you need to do it plug the unit into your existing internet router and a power socket.


    Multiple base stations may be required depending on the size of the farm and topography, however typically only one is required per farm. The ability exists to install SIM cards and set the units up as a stand alone 4G/solar system (special order).

    Although based on LoRaWAN communications protocol, this gateway comes pre-configured to be a plug-and-play solution for communicating with AGWAN devices.

    This is a high quality device that should provide many years of service.


    Like UHF base stations, this unit needs a coax cable connected to an external antenna for the most optimal communication range. Although a 5km minimum range is observed in typical rural settings and 10km when line of site is available, an external antenna provides the maximum possible range. An external antenna installation kit is included with the purchase of any gateway, along with up to 8m of low-loss coax cable that comes with connectors pre-installed.


    Free installaion can be arranged for anywhere in Tasmania.



    Pricing EX GST.

    Base Station/Gateway

    SKU: 00000000003
    • - Long range gateway preconfigured for communication with AGWAN devices.

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