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Electric Fence Remote Monitor


    Worried about stock getting boxed up because your electric fence unit has failed, or that black angus taking a wander onto the public road at night because the energizer has taken the day off? If so, our solar powered electric fence monitor is for you!

    View the status and voltage of your electric fences any time on the AGWAN App, or with user adjustable alarm levels you can receive a text message warning if your fence has dropped below the minimum acceptable voltage.

    Unlike other monitoring systems, which are typically installed at the energizer, this system can be place anywhere on your fence network as it has its own onboard solar/battery power, so you know exactly how much power is getting to the extremities of your property.

    In typical agricultural terrain, the unit has a 5km range from the gateway/base-station installed at your house (purchased separately on this site), although additional range can be obtained with the use of an optional directional antenna.

    The unit comes complete with rechargeable batteries, mounting brackets, screws and connecting wire, ready for a plug-and-play installation. For additional protection from curious cattle, it is recommended that a 4x2 extension be added to the fencepost to keep the device out of reach.

    The unit requires a $35/year subscription on the AGWAN App and comes with a 3 year product warranty.

    Pricing EX GST.

    Electric Fence Remote Monitor

    SKU: 00000000006
    • - Solar Powered

      - Battery Included

      -Mounting bracket included

      -Low voltage text message alarms

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