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Pivot Irrigator Monitor and Controller


    A minimally invasive installation, this irrigator monitor installs into the switching box at the outermost set of wheels of a pivot irrigator. It is the industry’s most cost-effective remote monitoring and control solution for retrofit to existing irrigators. Viewable from a desktop computer or using your Apple or Android mobile device, the base system has the following capabilities:
    1. Status (stopped or operational) viewable any time in the mobile app with 10 minute status updates.
    2. Instantaneous text message alarms for when the irrigator has unintentionally stopped.
    3. GPS position of the outer tower, viewable on the map page.
    4. Remote stop function – Stop the irrigator with the press of a button on your mobile device.
    5. Drop pin stop function – Stop the irrigator anywhere around its travel path by dropping a virtual pin on the map in the desired location.
    6. Timer function – Stop or start (if option selected) the irrigator based on 7 day, app configurable timers.

    A separate remote start function (an added controller/transmitter at the centre of the pivot) can be added for an additional cost, or a pressure sensor for monitoring the outer tower water pressure levels. For Valley CAMS and ICON digital panels, the remote start option also allows you to select wet/dry and forward/reverse abilities from your mobile device. Remote start/stop functions require an automated valve (e.g. Nelson) at the irrigator centre, or a pump start/stop wire.

    The purchase of at least one gateway (base station) found elsewhere on this site is required so that communication with this monitor can occur. Assuming they are within range (generally 5km in normal agricultural terrain) up to 100 irrigator monitors can be paired to each gateway.

    Devices are supplied with detailed installation documentation that can be provided to the local electrician or suitably qualified individual, allowing quick and easy installations. Installations in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and QLD can be arranged through AGWAN.

    The monitor has been trailed on a wide variety of Reinke, Tyco, Rainfine, Valley and AusRain irrigator configurations, but can generally be adapted to suit any irrigator type, including lateral/linear irrigators. Contact AGWAN for compatibility confirmation.

    The monitoring subscription is AUD$150+GST per irrigator per year to cover future enhancements and security updates as required.



    Pricing EX GST.

    Pivot Irrigator Monitor and Controller

    SKU: 00000000001
    • Provides the following capabilities through the AGWAN app:

      1. Irrigator status (working/fault/off)

      2. Alarm text messaging should the irrigator fault.

      3. GPS position of outter tower, viewable on a map.

      4. Remote stop and stop-on-track function.

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