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Solar Powered Stock Water Pressure Monitor


    If you are looking for an early warning system in the event there is an outage on your stock water lines, then this is the solution for you. Supplied with a small pressure sensor that is simply threaded into a 1/2" polly BSP port (typically using a 1" to 1/2" step down fitting in a 1" BSP tee) this device will continuously monitor the pressure of your stock water system and send you a text message alert if the water pressure falls below the user adjustable minimum. Additionally, the device can be viewed on the AGWAN App to see its pressure level and last check-in time.

    This unit is typically installed near the outer most trough on the stock water network so that you at least know the entire system is pressurized even if you don't have individual trough monitoring for every trough in the network. The units should be mounted to a pole to keep it out of reach of curious stock.

    The device is solar powered and comes equipped fully equipped with a lithium battery, pressure sensor, connector cable, mounting bracket and screws. It requires the purchase of a gateway/base-station (found elsewhere on this site) to receive its radio transmissions. The unit has a 5km range from the base-station in most agricultural situations, although this will depend on topography and vegetation. Further range may be attained with the use of a high gain directional antenna.

    The device requires a $50/year annual AGWAN subscription.

    The device is intended as an early warning system and should not replace typical animal husbandry inspections.

    Pricing EX GST.

    Solar Powered Stock Water Pressure Monitor

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