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Solar Powered Valve Controller


    Ideal for operating any 12VDC solenoid valves, the AGWAN Solar Powered Valve Controller allows you to remotely open and close valves at the push of a button from your smartphone or automatically using our remote timer functions.


    Rather than running masses of copper underground to each valve, the Valve Controller and its supplied aluminium mounting bracket can be simply screwed to the riser at a solid set irrigator gun, allowing you to quickly deploy solid-set irrigaton systems. The system is also ideal for the remote control of valves on older golf courses and other irrigation systems where underground wires have failed, but the existing plumbing still is still servicable. The Valve Controller comes equipped with a QR code which is scanned with a smartphone during installation to automatically place the node in the correct location on the map using the smartphone's GPS.


    Valves can be easily grouped by the user in the AGWAN App, allowing users to optimize the valve grouping depending on the specific layout of their irrigation pipework layout.


    Valves can then be operated in groups or individually, either in real-time or on a scheduled timer. 


    With a 5km range from an AGWAN Gateway/Base Station (available separately) in typical agricultural settings (range varies with terrain and vegitation), the Valve Controller is an ideal solution for those looking to operate 12VDC solenoid valves of varying sizes and from a broad range of manufacturers.


    The device requires a $35/year AGWAN App subscription, with volume discounts applicable for larger orders down to $10 per valve per year. Contact AGWAN directly for placement of orders.

    Pricing EX GST.


    Solar Powered Valve Controller

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