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Tank and Dam Level Sensor


    A solar powered tank and dam level sensor can be added to the AGWAN system. This allows you to monitor the current state of your water storage, as well as be provided with text message alerts for high or low-level settings of your choice. Simply mount the transmitter and solar panel to the top of your tank/dam, then drop the cable in. As the water level changes, so too does the pressure, which is then converted for you into a depth, percentage or volume reading on the app. The onboard lithium battery allows 24/7 operation, and the system can be tied virtually to a pump controller for automated storage filling. Systems start from $650 (transmitter/solar panel/submersible pressure sensor) and a $65/year subscription.

    Pricing EX GST.

    Tank and Dam Level Sensor

    SKU: 00000000005
    • Tank/dam level pressure sensor with 6m of cable. Includes solar panel, lithium battery and transmitter pre-configured to the AGWAN network.

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