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Water Trough Low Level Alarm



Compatible with AGWAN's LoRaWAN network, this water trough sensor is a throw-and-go device that allows the remote monitoring of water trough levels. If the pump fails or a pipe is broken and the trough level goes down, the float will begin tilting over as its stem contacts the bottom of the trough. At approximately the half-full mark a tilt sensor built into the top of the float will transmit a distress signal to the AGWAN base station, notifying the farmer of a low water level in the respective trough. The device has the following features:
- Onboard GPS so that it can always be found and so farmworkers know where to go to inspect the trough transmitting the alarm.
- Full compatibility within the AGWAN app for remote monitoring.
- Text message notification if the water trough drops to the alarm level.
- Infinitely variable stem length that can be adjusted to suit almost any trough depth.
- 5km range in real-world agricultural conditions, with up to 10km in the open country and reduced range in hilly terrain.
- The float is portable and can be easily transported from trough to trough, meaning that only one device is required for each mob of livestock, rather than one for each trough.
- Powered by 3 AA batteries for a 3-5 year operational life between battery changes. Long life, rechargeable NI-MH batteries may be used.

- 4G solution under development for small farms without LoRaWAN gateways

Pricing EX GST.

Water Trough Low Level Alarm

SKU: 00000000002
  • - Portable water trough low level alarm.

    - Once daily status reporting via AGWAN app.

    - Configurable text message low water level alarms.

    - 3-5 year battery life (AA).

    - Pre-configured, ready for deployment.

    -5km communication range from base station in typical agricultural terrain.

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